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Chef Austin Henry winner of Food Networks “Chef Wanted” taking a dip in Lake Loise Alberta, Canada. He’s been making his way around the world on his bike and showing Avo Foods a lot of love. 🖤


Who are we?

We are the food line that was manifested from the energy of you. We started with Avo Salsa, the all-natural, healthy salsa with the unique twist of diced avocado in every jar, creating a robust and exciting flavor. We focus on one thing and do it right. We pay attention. We strive to innovate. We are conscious.
In an already saturated market we are the snack that makes a statement. We are innovation meets heart and soul. We are the “we made it despite” generation. The revolution of salsa, the elevated snack experience.

We are the young innovators creating a world full of products with integrity, creativity and endurance. The ones reading in between the lines and finding the Ah ha! Never giving up to find the healthier, integrity driven solutions while going against the grain.
Avo Foods-an innovative food line that creates unique combinations, who pays attention to evolving taste buds. Tomatech Salsa coming soon…